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Cobus Eksteen Photography

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“ The world around us are made up of different scenes, and the ability to capture a stunning moment at a point in time nobody else has, is priceless. “

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For the past 35 years I have been actively involved in various genres of photography.

I am a photographer who is privileged to be allowed to do what I love and to serve my customers at the same time, whether it is in-studio or on-location. 

Your wedding is a once-off occasion and you probably have dreamt about it for many years, so I make it my priority to capture the love that exists between the bride and groom.

As a wedding photographer I use my images to tell the story of your momentous day, and I go to great lengths to be prepared for the events of the big day and to become familiarised with the locations where you will be photographed.

It is important to me to “tell your wedding day story” to the best of my ability and therefor I make it my business to have the best cameras, lenses and equipment.  I always have a back-up camera in case of any equipment failures. This gives my clients the assurance that they will receive the best photos, no matter what!

Wedding days move at an incredible pace and careful planning is key to the success of the day.  So, I meet with the couple beforehand where we create a time table for the day so that YOU can be in control of the sequence of events.

Brides usually take pride in the detail which makes their wedding day unique, and I therefor come up with novel and adventurous ways of showing off the detail.  Good light makes great photographs, and I take care to know how to search for the best light.

I am constantly on the lookout for the intimate and fun moments of the day, and capturing these moments preserves fond memories for years to come.

Your “wedding story” is an emotional and beautiful tale, and I am challenging and dedicating myself to give the couple something tangible and wonderful to remember it by.

Cobus has been elected an associate of the Photographic Society of South Africa in the following disciplines: PSSA logo

  • Digital images – Colour
  • Prints - Colour